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One Little Guitar (The words of Paul Job Kafeero)
One Little Guitar (The words of Paul Job Kafeero)
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 Buculi mu Gihugo Nshuli   0.00   2005  Buculi mu Gihugo Nshuli
ISBN 9970 02 541 4
 Juliana Munderi 

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 Butwi ku Kwezi   0.00   2005  Butwi ku Kwezi
ISBN 9970 02 540 6
 Juliana Munderi 

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 Mbwira Abumva   0.00   2005  Mbwira Abumva
ISBN 9970 02 527 9
 Rutarindwa Mwene Barizeni 

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 Ukwezi Kwanjye   0.00   2005  Ukwezi Kwanjye
ISBN 9970 02 539 2
 Juliana Munderi 

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