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Changing Minds
Changing Minds

For faster and efficient processing of orders outside Africa. You may place your order(s) with:

Orders worldwide excluding N. America

African Books Collective
PO Box 721
Oxford OX1 9EN
TEL/FAX +44 (0) 1869 349110

Orders from within N. America (US and Canada)

Michigan State University Press
1405 South Harrison Road
25 Manly Miles Building
East Lansing, MI 48823-5245


BookShops and Outlets in Uganda



Western Region

  • Ankole Bookshop,High street,Mbarara
  • Ami Bookshop,Main street,Kabale
  • T.M. Enterprises,Ntungamo Town
  • Kisoro Bookshop,Kisoro
  • Desire Bookshop,Bushenyi
  • Uganda Bookshop Stationer Centre,Fort Portal

Northern Region

  • Gulu Tropical Bookshop,Gulu,Tel: +256 772 623306
  • Alpha Bookshop,Plot 5,Oyite Ojok Lane,Lira
  • Kudrass Enterprises,Arua
  • Net Bookshop,Obote Avenue,Lira

Central Region

  • Mukono Bookshop,Colline House Tel: +256 414 347555
  • Angelina Bookshop, Old Taxi park.
  • New styles Bookshop, New Taxi Park,Mukwano arcade.
  • University bookshop Makerere, Guild building Makererere University ,Tel:+256 414 543443
  • Rise and shine bookshop, Mukono
  • Aristoc Booklex, Kampala Road
  • New Styles Bookshop in Old and New Taxi Park

Eastern Region

  • Mbale Media Tech,Republic Street,Mbale
  • Buzimba Enterprises,4/6 Main Street,Jinja
  • Amen Bookshop,Soroti
  • O.J.J Bookshop,Main Street,Kumi
New Publications For August
Zero Grazing (A guide to increased dairy production)<br><font color='green'>Coming Soon!</font>
Zero Grazing (A guide to increased dairy production)
Coming Soon!

ISBN 978-9970-25-089-9
One Little Guitar (The words of Paul Job Kafeero)
One Little Guitar (The words of Paul Job Kafeero)

The Corrupt the Quick and the Dead <br><font color='green'>(Coming Soon!)</font>
The Corrupt the Quick and the Dead
(Coming Soon!)

Origins of Kingship: Traditions and Symbolism in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
Origins of Kingship: Traditions and Symbolism in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
Laughter in Small Doses <br><font color='green'>(Coming Soon!)</font>
Laughter in Small Doses
(Coming Soon!)

Uganda Districts Information:Expanded edition.
Uganda Districts Information:Expanded edition.
978 9970 02 492 6
The Story of Hope
The Story of Hope
Changing Minds
Changing Minds
African Urban Harvest
African Urban Harvest
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1.Battles of the ugandan Resistance: A Tradition of Maneuver.
2.Africa's Inland Fisheries: The Management Challenge
3.My Life's Journey
4.Memoirs of a priestly and Episcopal life.
5.NRM 25 Years.
(Now Available in Stores!)
6.One Little Guitar (The words of Paul Job Kafeero)
7.Politics, Religion and Power in the Great Lakes Region.
8.The Kings of Buganda
9.Uganda Districts Information:Expanded edition.
10.Understanding Obstacles to Peace.
Free Books
Genocide by Denial Genocide by Denial
by Peter Mugyenyi and Peter MugyenyiMentors' Manual for Health Sciences Training in Africa
Fountain House Plot 55 Nkrumah Road, Kampala
P.O.Box 488 Kampala - Uganda.
Tel. +256 414 259163 or +256 414 251112 or +256 414 312 263041/2 or +256-312-263041/2 (GMT+3 hours)