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African Urban Harvest
African Urban Harvest
Beautiful Gwolyowa
Beautiful Gwolyowa
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Once Upon a Time Series is a collection of interesting folktales from diff erent partsof Eastern Africa. The stories in the series, which are part of the FountainStep-by-Step reading programme, will help improve children‘s reading andcomprehension skills in the English language as they read for pleasure. Thesefolktales do not only entertain but also teach some of the important moral andsocial values from traditional wisdom that children need to become bett er members of the community.The books are beautifully illustrated in colour to make them att ractive to children.The stories are carefully selected and graded to meet the language needs ofchildren both in rural and urban schools. The number on the cover is intended to guide teachers on the target year or class although schools in the rural areas may opt for a grade lower than theindicated one.

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