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Uganda Districts Information:Expanded edition.
Uganda Districts Information:Expanded edition.
The Corrupt the Quick and the Dead
(Coming Soon!)
The Corrupt the Quick and the Dead <br><font color=\'green\'>(Coming Soon!)</font>
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The Corrupt the Quick and the Dead Poisoned at a bar on the orders of his wife, and admitted to hospital in critical condition, city tycoon Festo Sempa will not die alone, his condition notwithstanding. Desperate to have a baby boy, Sempa has bedded a string of girls– from barmaids, town whores, his secretaries, to new office recruits. Acting friendly when life was normal, all turn into something else in that single night he’s poisoned. Each with interests to protect, and unrestrained, the women go at each other. The men employed in his businesses are not left behind either; they dash for his women, his wealth or both. The police have a dangerous maze to unravel; Sempa has a life to save and business empire to sustain. You are corrupt, quick or dead–and the winner will have the last laugh. Set in Kampala and the DRC, Mombasa and Seychelles and told with impeccable humour, this story makes a breathtaking narrative. With the characters‘ lives on the line most of the time, it is strewn with theft, sex, corruption, murder and lies. Endeared to Ugandans by his Sunday Vision column as the Old Fox, where he told the most exciting of his innumerable and unforgettable escapades. Tumusiime Rushedge (1941-2008) was not just a jack of all trades, but also a master of all. Perhaps one of the most talented Ugandans of our time, Tumusiime was a surgeon, pilot, writer, pianist, cartoonist and humourist. Coming to the scene in the 1970s with the Ekanya cartoons, he lived a life from which many Ugandans derived ribald entertainment. ISBN 978-9970-25-129-2

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